BioGill Tower Helps New Zealand Companies Treat Wastewater

Leading water and wastewater treatment company Apex Environmental has invested heavily in innovative water technology. Its distribution agreement with BioGill, a company known for manufacturing above the ground tools that are used for cleaning water, has provided New Zealand companies with access to the wastewater treatment technology BioGill Tower. This product treats wastewater from food processing to sewage.

The general manager at Apex Environmental stated that there is an increase in pressure from the government for firms to engage in better water standards, creating a need for innovation in the sector. In this, the BioGill technology has been recommended as it makes use of microbiology to purify water. The technology behind BioGill is such that it has nano ceramic gills which allow microorganisms to grow. The microorganisms are then able to consume organics in waste water and this greatly reduces harmful components. General Manager, Dr Steve Kroening further adds that this technology can be utilised in a variety of industries such as the wine industry, since it is cost effective and at the same time, it is able to treat high nutrient load wastewater.

The technology has already been successful worldwide with 17 countries across three continents already using it. BioGill has received several awards and recognition from both the public and private sectors worldwide. For instance, China selected this amazing technology as one of the top 100 technologies for dealing with water, soil and air pollution.  Any company that undertakes innovative projects in New Zealand is potentially eligible for the Research and Development Loss Tax Credit. To find out whether you qualify, take our eligibility test here.

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