Fonterra’s Recycled Water System Saves Half A Million Litres of Water Per Day

Fonterra, a leading New Zealand dairy company, has installed a recycled water system at their plant in Pahiatua. Fontella’s new system will help save half a million litres of water on daily basis, which is the equivalent of 18 milk tanker’s worth of liquid. The reclaiming system uses water from the condensation that is produced during the milk powder production process. Fonterra’s milk powder plant is currently self-sufficient, meaning that it does not use any groundwater in the manufacturing process.

Previously, the excess water that was produced from the evaporators was used for irrigation on a nearby farm. However, with the new system that treats the water with reverse osmosis and chlorination, the water is suitable for general use. The company’s global Chief Operations Officer, Robert Spurway, stated that the company is committed to achieving a 20% reduction in water use by 2020 and that Pahiatua is their most water efficient site.

Fonterra has been able to show transparency and significant levels of commitment to continually use technological tools to increase efficiency and sustainability in the water sector.

Through engagement in innovation, it will be a win-win situation for everyone involved. This will create a scenario whereby the country becomes a leader in water technologies and can serve as an example to other nations. The success of Fonterra in water conservation technology cannot be only attributed to local talent but also to favourable government incentives when it comes to boosting innovation.

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