Innovative Labour-Saving Tools Reduce Manpower Required

New time and labour-saving tools that enable one person to safely handle many jobs were highlighted at the EMEX 2018 Engineering Machinery Exhibition in Auckland. These tools are called Energy Sync Grip Pullers that will enable one person to do a job that previously required two.

The XC cordless pumps offer the capability of a pneumatic or electric pump with a portable hand pump. The XC cordless pumps have been constructed with lightweight materials in combination with a powerful motor and Lithium Ion battery. The pumps are used with Enerpac’s global range of tools. They promote operator safety through the elimination of trip risks that are associated with traditional powered devices.

The SG pullers were a highlight of the show. These offer synchronized movement of their locking jaws for the purposes of optimised safety as well as simultaneous engagement. Moreover, the SG Pullers can be used alone or in combination with the XC cordless pumps, which is especially useful for hard to reach areas.

The combination of these innovative tools is ideal for workers in the manufacturing industry as they facilitate precision, simplicity and safety. The use of obsolete methods, such as removal methods with hammers and levers have been associated with high risks for both the workpiece as well as the maintenance personnel. However, the latest evolution by Enerpac provides reliability and service backing in New Zealand as well as Australia and PNG.

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