Lab-Grown Meat May Hit The Market In Just 3 Years

Farmers in New Zealand may face disruption when lab-grown meat and dairy hit the shelves. The technology is able to replicate animal proteins without the needing the animal. However, the farmers need not worry if they are adaptable to the new technology taking precautions such as maintaining mixed farming systems with both livestock and plants.

Marketing innovation manager of Beef + Lamb New Zealand, Lee-Ann Marsh stated that in just 3 years, new productions such as grape-free wine, lab-grown milk and lab-grown fish and meat could be available for retail in the country.

Moreover, the price of manufacturing such products is decreasing, making it ideal for developers to come up with new, viable products and processes. Food futurist, Melissa Clark Reynolds stated that New Zealand had a unique opportunity of engaging in high quality meat and crop production methods, which in turn will be able to aid in the development of the alternative protein sector.

Landcorp, the government’s farming enterprise that goes by the brand name, Pamu, is additionally looking at the alternative possibilities to animal products. This shows that the government is supportive of new ventures, which is encouraging to investors.  As a new space that is being heavily invested in globally, this could be a great opportunity for New Zealand to diversify.

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