Nanofibre Manufacturer Receives Seafood Stars Award

Revolution Fibres is a nanofibre company in New Zealand that has recently received a Seafood Stars Award for the manufacture and commercialisation of their new skin care product actiVLayr.

actiVLayr is a product that utilises collagen that has been extracted from fish skins and turns it into natural skincare products. The collagen serves as the base’s agent, which is then used in combination with other raw materials such as hyaluronic acid and fruit extract. The end product assists in healing burns or acne, reducing wrinkles on the skin and enhancing medical treatments.

Revolution Fibres also received an innovation award at the International Textiles Institute Awards in July. This award recognised the company’s electrospinning skill, which is the process that the company uses to create the nanofibres.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer Iain Hosie has stated that these awards illustrate the importance of nanofibre’s diverse application. Nanofibre has numerous uses ranging from skincare, air filtration, optical sensors and the manufacture of fishing rods. The company’s team is aware that the possibilities for nanofibre are limitless and hence seek to exploit it further. Additionally, the company is now working with multiple industries as the international demand for nanofibre continues to grow for both large scale and niche manufacturing. Research and development is able to bring forth innovation that consequently transforms a society and the world at large as demonstrated by Revolution Fibres in New Zealand.

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