New Bottled Gas Monitoring for New Zealand Customers

A new service has been launched that seeks to help bottled gas consumers manage and control their fuel. This has been made possible by Genesis, a company that has always focused on innovative solutions for their customers.

Marc England, the company’s Chief Executive says that this new service will be the first one of its kind in the country. He adds that this new innovation has been made possible through the collaboration of the company with feedback from bottled gas users. The technology will enable gas users to monitor the remaining level of gas in their bottles and from this, they can organise a replacement when necessary. This new service will come in handy by eliminating the inconveniences that consumers experience when their fuel runs out unexpectedly.

Bottled Gas Monitoring has been tested and refined and constitutes sensors that are installed under the gas cylinders. In addition, there is a LoraWAN-enabled device that is able to send data to the manufacturer. Genesis can therefore give insights to specific consumers. Currently, over 130,000 households use bottled gas in New Zealand and the company expects that this new service will have a large consumer base. However, it is worth noting that this service is only available in Auckland and Christchurch but will be available to other regions with time. Additionally, the company has also included an electricity control plan. This shows that the company is dedicated to assisting customers with controlling their energy through the dissemination of information as well as useful advice.

Innovations such as this one by Genesis have been welcomed by the government as they facilitate greatly to economic growth and have the potential of building New Zealand’s reputation on the global innovation map.

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