ABT Wins North Bay Maker Awards for Best Manufacturing Process Innovation

Advanced Beverage Technologies (ABT), owned by Santa Rosa in New Zealand, has won the North Bay Maker Award for the best manufacturing process innovation.

This service company has been able to adapt the non-traditional into a traditional niche through the development of new wine and spirit options. These options are for the people who want lower alcohol by volume (ABV). The developed products include wine-based, non-alcoholic Sangria soft drinks, a premium grape vodka, and low-alcohol lifestyle wines.

The firm has also come up with an affordable, lower proof bourbon that is available in bulk. Moreover, a unique Catch 2×2 bourbon whiskey is now being manufactured. This whiskey is distilled and aged in Indiana and then redistilled and re-aged by ABT’s SpiritTech in Santa Rosa with 44 percent ABV.

The ConeTech method has been adopted in the making of a Marlborough New Zealand sauvignon blanc and California Rose wines. This method involves extracting flavours, reducing the alcohol content and then returning the flavors. These go under the CENSE brand which was launched in October 2017. It has since received success in the market, with over 50,000 cases being sold in nine months.

It is worth noting that the shift towards low-alcohol beverages has been on the rise worldwide. ABT’s Vice President of Innovation and R&D states that they are working hard to innovate and develop around this specific demand, with a current focus on low or no alcohol craft beer.

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